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Here you will find audio clips and transcripts from some of STOP's stories. You will also find information about our project partners, discussion questions and resources for using STOP stories in your own work to intervene in interpersonal violence, as well as information on how to get involved in the project.

Bay Area

Bay Area


[vimeo http://vimeo.com/15042385]

What does community accountability look like? What does a world without walls look like? Click here to read more.  In April 2010, some Bay Area STOP partners including CUAV, Shimtuh, and Critical Resistance pulled together about 20 people at Eastside Cultural Center in Oakland, CA, to begin creating a poster series illustrating how people are building safe communities and intervening in harm without policing and imprisonment.

The event was part of CUAV’s first annual Safetyfest, a week-long series of free workshops and events helping queer and trans people brush up on skills and tools to stay safe in their communities. The Eastside event has sparked parallel art-making sessions with STOP partners in New York and Melbourne, Australia. At each event so far, we’ve listened to “A Small Story” and “Community Responds to Domestic Violence” and brainstormed how to communicate what these community networks have done to interrupt violence via a poster.

After drawing and writing out our ideas, we discussed next steps of creating a poster series for STOP’s partner organizations to use as tools for engaging with people about community accountability, community-based interventions in harm, and prison industrial complex abolition. In the next few months we will be working with artists to create the posters from the ideas generated at these events and will begin distributing the posters to people and communities inside and outside prison walls. To get involved in making STOP visual, please contact us!