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Category Archives: Sexual Assault

Marti’s Story

The storyteller expresses the story of the harm they caused and their willingness to participate in community accountability.

[audio: http://www.stopviolenceeveryday.org/wp-content/uploads/Marti_FinalCut.mp3]

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Story Told By the One Who Did Harm (Marti) Transcript

Cultural Center Confronts Sexual Violence (Liz)

When a highly respected drumming instructor invited from Korea sexually assaults a woman at a Korean American cultural center, the members of the organization come together to respond. Liz tells the story from her perspective as the president of the organization at the time and highlights the complex dynamics of the intervention. While emphasizing that she thinks they “did the right thing”, she also details how the intervention resulted in broken relationships between some members.

[audio: http://www.stopviolenceeveryday.org/wp-content/uploads/liz.narrative.10.20.09.mp3]

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Cultural Center Confronts Sexual Violence (Liz) Transcript

Organizing in Radical Queer Communities (Rachael)

Rachael, an active member of the radical queer community in Australia, shares how personal experiences of sexual violence and political commitments inform her work to create collective ways to confront violence without using the police.[audio: http://www.stopviolenceeveryday.org/wp-content/uploads/rachael-excerpt.mp3]
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Organizing in Radical Queer Communities Transcript

Maria Posters the Subway and Confronts Her Family

When Maria finds out that her daughter had been sexually abused by her former partner, she takes public action to address his abuse. When she finds out that her own brother also violated her daughter, his niece, she takes another course of action involving her whole family. Maria shares how her actions are part of her own accountability process and how this helped build trust between her and her daughter.
[audio: http://www.stopviolenceeveryday.org/wp-content/uploads/marias-story.mp3]
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Maria Posters The Subway Transcript

Kicking Ass (Liz)

When a visiting instructor sexually assaults a member of a cultural center, it causes this storyteller to consider the use of violence as a response to violence, highlighting the gray area this question often occupies.

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Kicking Ass Transcript

Neighborhood Response (Rose)

Rose’s older neighbor uses his status as a trusted community member to set up sexually abusive relationships with young girls in the neighborhood. She shares how she comes to understand her own sexual assault as a 13-year-old. Rose’s later attempts to return to her neighborhood and create safety and accountability are handled poorly by adults, but the young people in the neighborhood find ways to express their reactions and warn their abusive neighbor that they are watching.
[audio: http://www.stopviolenceeveryday.org/wp-content/uploads/rose-short.mp3]
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Neighborhood Response (Rose) Transcript