Welcome to the StoryTelling & Organizing Project

Here you will find audio clips and transcripts from some of STOP's stories. You will also find information about our project partners, discussion questions and resources for using STOP stories in your own work to intervene in interpersonal violence, as well as information on how to get involved in the project.

Creative Interventions

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StoryTelling and Interventions

Telling Our Stories: Storytelling as Community Organizing

For those of us engaged in community organizing projects, we gather together to develop our own solutions and responses to the problems we face rather than relying on (or actively being denied) responses by those in power. We gather together because we understand that we are the experts on our own situations and that we are the essential agents in transforming our conditions… read more or Download PDF


STOP has had the opportunity to partner and work collaboratively with amazing organizations throughout the country.  We encourage you to learn about these organizations and to support their important work. Click here for more information.

Mixed Media

Everyday, individual community members and organizations are making media about their struggles for healthy and self-determined communities. Whether it be by writing, storytelling, video-making, or through visual or performing arts, we are lucky to have so many resources at our fingertips. Here are a few STOP and our partners are excited about…

STOP Materials

Here are some downloadable tools and information we’ve developed along with our partners. We hope to make more and more of our tools available in easy-to-use formats.

Creative Interventions

Creative Interventions is a resource center committed to creating and promoting community-based interventions to interpersonal violence: domestic or intimate partner, sexual, and family violence. Creative Interventions is open to all, and prioritizes communities of color, including immigrant and queer communities.

The two projects of Creative Interventions has two projects:

StoryTelling & Organizing Project (STOP)
STOP is a community project collecting and sharing stories about everyday people ending violence through collective, community-based alternatives.

Community-Based Interventions Project (CBIP)
CBIP is a collaborative pilot project to create and promote new alternative community-based models and educational tool for violence intervention and prevention.

The mission of Creative Interventions is to create community-based options for interventions to interpersonal violence, Creative Interventions provides collective, creative, and flexible solutions, which take into account the realities and resources of each situation and community. By bringing knowledge and power back to those closest to and most impacted by violence, Creative Interventions breaks isolation and clears the path towards holistic, viable and sustainable systems of violence intervention and community health.

Creative Interventions Toolkit
Creative Interventions has released a first version of a toolkit based on work from the Community-Based Interventions Project, a collaborative pilot project. The toolkit gathers up the community-based interventions model, tools and lessons learned from the project. The toolkit also incorporates stories from the StoryTelling & Organizing Project to illustrate the many ways that people have creatively challenged violence.