Welcome to the StoryTelling & Organizing Project

Here you will find audio clips and transcripts from some of STOP's stories. You will also find information about our project partners, discussion questions and resources for using STOP stories in your own work to intervene in interpersonal violence, as well as information on how to get involved in the project.

Los Angeles Listening Session

The Allied Media Conference is June 17-June 20 and STOP will be there!

We are super excited to be going to Detroit to be at the Allied Media Conference. This year STOP is proud to have collaborated with some amazing organizations on the Creating Safe Communities Track.  Below are descriptions of the sessions in the track.  Please come through and join us!

The Power of Storytelling Friday 10:45 – 12:15

McGregor Room F/G

Storytelling allows individuals and communities to archive experiences, ailment heal and collectively remember. It also can be a powerful tool in transforming communities and challenging power structures. In this workshop, we will explore cutting edge story-gathering practices that utilize a wide range of media, from theater to video to digital storytelling. We will focus-in on examples of storytelling projects that are confronting interpersonal violence.  In small groups, participants will draw lessons from the examples provided and brainstorm ways of applying those lessons in their own work and the broader movement.

Media Tools for Creating Safe Communities: A Science Fair Saturday 9:00am – 10:30am

McGregor Room B

Did you ever attend or participate in a Science Fair? Modeled after these fun, hands-on and awe-inspiring experiences, we present a media-rich exhibition of resources and tools developed during our experiments to create safety and justice in our communities. The Creating Safe Communities Science Fair is designed to equip you with tools, resources, and connections to inspire, launch and sustain transformative anti-violence initiatives in your own communities. Learn how-to skills from innovative anti-violence projects that use arts and media in their work, network with artists and mediamakers with performances and screenings that you can bring to your city and experience videos, web sites and other media (available for free or for sale) that you can take home from the AMC! Feel free to drop by at any time during the session and stay for as long as you like.

Safe in Our Skin: A Paradigm Shift Sunday 10:00am – 11:30am
McGregor Room I
Every day people are changing the meaning of “safety.”  We are choosing each other over the state, intervening, standing up, taking care of each other, managing to make love and life out of the most difficult choices ever. Those of us in communities that are most targeted and impacted by the Prison Industrial Complex cannot afford to consent to the state’s strategy of throwing away our lives. Those of us surviving economic, physical, sexual and gendered violence cannot afford the silence of our friends. This session is about acknowledging our everyday practices as a part of a large-scale paradigm shift in the meaning and methods of safety.  We will make the intimate work of learning how to trust and lean on each other more impactful by documenting and articulating it as the paradigm shift that it is. We will do this by quilting a visual representation of the self-determining actions that we know about and participating in a poetic exercise about how we name and communicate about this work that we are doing.

Telling a Story That’s Still Being Written: Community Accountability in Real Life Sunday 11:50-1:20

McGregor Room I

Many people are curious about community accountability, and even more curious about how the heck you make it work in practice! This session will bring together three projects that have done on-the-ground work using community accountability principles. These projects will share stories and concrete tools they’ve used to do the work. The Safe Outside the System Collective of the Audre Lorde Project will talk about how they created a network of “safe spots” in central Brooklyn where queer and trans people fleeing violence can find refuge in bodegas and coffeeshops. Communities United Against Violence will share their “safetylab” format for teaching community accountability in queer and trans communities. UBUNTU/ Harm Free Zone NC will share the tools they’ve used to build violence-free communities in Durham, NC. These organizations’ work is still in progress. This is a story that is still being written. Together, we will continue this process by compiling a zine of community accountability tools from these projects and from other workshop participants. Participants can then use the zine to take home these strategies to their communities.

Please visit the AMC website, and if you’re going to be there, be sure to hit us up!

Los Angeles Listening Session

On Thursday April 1, 2010 at the Southern California Library in South LA over 50 people came together to listen, share, and learn about the StoryTelling & Organizing Project to build sustainable community alternatives that address domestic and interpersonal violence. STOP staffers, Isaac and Rachel gave a primer of the project and then shared two stories with the group. We then broke up in smaller group to discuss what had just listened to and how we can incorporate this into our work and daily lives. After the meeting people were very interested in following up with a second listening session to continue the discussion which was sparked by hearing these two stories.